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5 Star Rating
Bill Sable from livermore on 12/6/2019 for an auto service of their 2004 Lexus ES 330 and their testimonial is:

"Exceptional service"

"They do great work. You can trust their estimate to be fair and honest and the job will be done well and on time,"
5 Star Rating
Anonymous from on 12/3/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Couldn't be happier"

"Olsen’s Has the best service and the most honest people in the industry"
5 Star Rating
lynne Phillips from livermore on 12/2/2019 for an auto service of their 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD and their testimonial is:

"Friendly, helpful and professional"

"They were very professional got my truck fixed in a few hours will diffidently use them again"
5 Star Rating
Greg from on 12/2/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:

"Very satisifed"

"Honest people, top quality work!"
5 Star Rating
Eric Tuttle from byron on 11/27/2019 for an auto service of their 2005 Toyota Prius and their testimonial is:

"Fair and quality work"

"They are the best! Quality work at a fair price. Very truthful and never force unnecessary repairs."
5 Star Rating
Gary Walker from livermore on 11/25/2019 for an auto service of their 2008 Kia Rio and their testimonial is:

"Great communication"

"Very good."
5 Star Rating
Chante Pino from livermore on 11/25/2019 for an auto service of their 2016 Jeep Patriot and their testimonial is:


"Great service. Very honest people. I had brought my car in after taking it to the dealership, where after a week of having it they couldn’t figure out the problem, and olsens had solved and fixed the problem in less than three days. Will definitely come back."
5 Star Rating
Karen from on 11/23/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


"I referred Olsen’s Automotive to everyone I know."
5 Star Rating
Connie from on 10/30/2019 for an auto service of their and their testimonial is:


5 Star Rating
Judy Parrish from livermore on 10/24/2019 for an auto service of their 2005 Toyota Sienna and their testimonial is:

"The best"

"Outstanding & Reliable service over decades. A business that has integrity, is competent and trustworthy. Always do the right thing for their Customers."

Reviews from Google

5 Star Rating
Anita White from 10/12/2020:
"Trustworthy...they stand behind their work. Kind, professional service. We have been using this company for auto repairs for our Toyota Tundra and Honda Pilot for four years. Thanks for your great service!"
5 Star Rating
Julian Kitching from 12/08/2020:
"Olsen’s does great work - full stop. It’s an honest repair shop that charges a fair price for great work! They’ve worked on two of my cars (Lexus and Honda) and I wouldn’t hesitate to take my cars there again."
4 Star Rating
Marcus Marr from 02/09/2021:
"As far as engine/transmission replacement they put in work and come out with great value finds. Their recommendations to address common issues on specific makes/models/years are very appropriate. Their payment plan is very convenient and flexible. I rated 4/5 because I suspected a misfire was occurring due to the odometer jumping during idle and the car shaking subtly. I realize now that was most likely caused by the variable transmission timing but they went ahead and ran $150 diagnostics without letting me know that’s what they planned on doing."
3 Star Rating
Redemption Farms from 10/16/2020:
"I will try to be fair and justify my middle of the road rating. Girlfriend broke down 90 min from home and Olsen's is where she and the car ended up. One of the fan belts broke and they would not be able to get to it until the next day. The next day we were informed brakes, battery were also in need of work. The inconvenient broken 25 dollar belt ended up costing over a grand with everything else. Since we picked up the car after hours, no worn parts were shown. I did not ask to see the worn parts at the time of phone authorization. So, I agreed to the work. The work was done. I paid for the work. I cannot verify all the work was needed. Everyone was nice, polite and the place was clean."
2 Star Rating
Travis Ruiz from 04/22/2021:
"Nice people, but had to bring back vehicle multiple times eveytime they repaired something"